Why Health & More?

  • Accreditation

        Health&More is one of the few health tourism organizations that has the International Health Tourism Authorization Certificate by the Turkish Ministry of Health. We are also a fully licensed Tourism Agency by the Ministry of Tourism. Besides, we are a registered company in Eskişehir Chamber of Commerce.

        This gives you complete assurance as an Health&More patient that you are in expert hands to receive the best possible service in your treatment process.

Free Counseling and Treatment Plan
  • Free Counseling and Treatment Plan

        With its patient-focused approach,Health&More wants you to fully trust us and for this we offer you a free online consultation for your treatment plan and any questions you may have.

Patient Focused Approach
  • Patient Focused Approach

        Health&More has always set patient satisfaction as the gold standard in order to provide perfect service and provide high standards of treatment. In order to ensure this standard, a full examination opportunity is provided to our patients by our functional medicine doctor before surgery. In addition, if you need support from a specialist psychologist and physiotherapist before and after the operation, the specialists of our clinic will be with you.

        No matter where you are in the world,Health&More, which has the opportunity to take you to surgery with professional air ambulances within 24 hours in an emergency, attaches more importance to the health of its patients.

Health&More Specialist Nurse is Always With You
  • Health&More Specialist Nurse is Always With You

        The Health&More specialist clinical nurse will make periodic visits and follow you closely for dressing, measuring your temperature, checking your serum, pain management and other needs during your stay in the hospital.

Healing House
  • Healing House

        In line with the comfort and wishes of the patients and their attendants, we offer the opportunity to stay in the 150m2, fully furnished Health&More house, which has the confidence and facilities to make them feel at home if they wish.

All Inclusive Fixed Price
  • All Inclusive Fixed Price

 Health&More offers its patients the best treatment in the most economical way, with an all-inclusive fixed price guarantee by planning every detail.

Sensitivity to Society and Environment
  • Sensitivity to Society and Environment

      Health&More provides gratuitous scholarships to contribute to the education of medical students for the construction of future generations, and uses environmentally friendly tools for a clean future. Within the scope of social responsibility, it provides free health services to people in need of health services.

Lifetime Tracking
  • Lifetime Tracking

        We continue to support you after your post-operative treatment is completed. The Health&More follow-up team will check you regularly after your recovery. Your doctor will be available for an online consultation if you need it.

Why Health & More?
  • Why Health & More?

        The decision to have surgery and treatment in another country is always big and difficult. Finding the best and right treatment and reaching a reliable and experienced doctor can often be confusing and inextricable. So why should you choose Health&More?

        Because we touch people's lives and we love what we do. In doing so, we have a number of decisive key factors as a perfect team.

Well-trained Experienced Surgeons
  • Well-trained Experienced Surgeons

        The most important factor that makes us different is that Health&More has a well-trained and experienced surgical team that has proven itself in the international arena. While all of our surgeons successfully complete many operations, they use the latest surgical techniques with proven effectiveness. In addition, our doctors are members of many prestigious associations such as EUS, MESS, WFNS, TND, EBOPRAS, FPCD, RSE.

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