Frequently Asked Questions

Why should you choose Turkey for surgery?

Turkey is one of the world's leading medical destinations with its highly qualified, internationally trained doctors and healthcare personnel, high-tech medical devices and devices in healthcare facilities, and internationally accredited hospitals.

When looking for quality and affordable treatments, Turkey is the number one destination.

Do your clinical staff speak English?

Yes, our staff working in our clinic speaks English fluently.

What is included in the treatment/surgery packages?

Everything is included in the price except your flight ticket.

Who will I meet when I first arrive?

Our Personal Clinician will welcome you.

Will I pay extra to have someone come with me?

All of our patients can come with one accompanying person. The only fee they have to pay will be flight tickets.

Do I have insurance?

Yes, all our patients are covered by travel insurance.

Will I pay extra?

No extra payment is taken for anything promised to you.

Are there any waiting queues or waiting lists?

All your transactions will be completed primarily in VIP mode.

What is provided in the hospital room?

In all our rooms, there are personal hygiene materials, towels, as well as TV and wifi service.

What if I don't want to stay at the hotel?

You can enjoy the comfort of our 150m2 luxury and spacious H&M house.

What are the qualifications of your doctors?

They are members of various medical associations that have graduated from the best medical faculties of Turkey, participated in many scientific studies in the national and international arena, and are accepted as authorities in the field of Health.

I don't know what to do after surgery?

After your surgery is over, you will be given an information sheet that includes what you need to do and the rules you need to follow, both digitally and in writing.

Can I travel after surgery?

If your doctor approves after the last control examination, you can travel.

Is Turkey reliable in medical tourism?

In 2022, almost 1 million people came to Turkey for treatment.

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